Thursday, June 1, 2017

Black Men w/ Unique Hobbies; Trolling Gone Wrong

As I said before, BLACK MAN. We have unique hobbies only for cool guys, those who don't get our hobbies are in the minority. 

A cat on my friends list made a post, long story short, I posted up some links supporting the statements in his post and this bitch thought she would try me, she thought she could bully and talk down to me, but I roasted her ass until she blocked me. She didn't know that I am the King of Trolls.

My profile is mine, I post and upload what I want on it, no one is allowed to tell me what to do with it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Assholes & the Self-Proclaimed "Nice Guys & Good Girls".

Ok. I was having a conversation with my homie and we were talking about this article I found about self-proclaimed"nice guys". We both agreed on the majority of the points the article made, self-proclaimed nice guys are assholes.

Self-proclaimed assholes want us to believe guys who aren't assholes, are assholes while they're are the misunderstood nice guys.

Let me explain.

I asked women what an asshole is to them because the guys they always say are assholes, aren't really assholes, they're just guys who won't do what they want, and self-proclaimed nice guys will. Which is why they usually wish the two are one person.

Instead, self-proclaimed nice guys are assholes, they're dickish about not getting the bitches they want, in the black community these niggas sound like coons. Tap dancing on a thin line. Here are some videos on black guys and their simp rants. (Epic Power Simp Rant) & a video I did on simp rants. (Simp Rants) (nice guy vs simp)

And white dudes, y'all give off school shooter vibes. Like these guys. How can you not cringe reading that shit? What about this guy? 

Remember this killer simp? Elliot Rodger

The issue with self-proclaimed nice guys is, they lack social common sense, they're socially ret*rded. They need to work on that. Self-proclaimed nice guys complain about all they do for brawds that they have an interest in, yet get friends zone or overlooked for their efforts, ultimately, it's their ulterior motives that make women leery of them, and usually, the motive is getting some ass. If you're a guy and you disagree, I'm wondering how many unattractive fat & or weird looking brawds are you nice to, aside from attractive women? Probably a number as low as your sexual partners, in this case, nonexistent.

However, the counterpart of a self-proclaimed nice guy is a self-proclaimed "good woman/good girl". They're assholes too! They think that just because they cook, clean and fuck, they're good women who deserve the world. Constantly telling the world how much they do, and don't get the appreciation they think they deserve from men they say are "assholes". Usually, they're fucking up, and no one with any sense will appreciate someone constantly fucking up especially simple shit they're asked to do. If it's not cooking, cleaning and fucking, it's fucking up simple shit or thinking that just because they're there that is all that matters, never really adding to the relationship, support is great, and it's appreciated when backed up with paper $$$. Speaking of money, let's not forget women who don't believe they should spend money on their men, throw them in there with the rest of the assholes.

One thing you begin to notice about self-proclaimed nice guys and good girls is they ofter have standards way too high, you're a big girl but obsessing over slim in shape men, or you're a big guy but no fat girls allowed. You're a brawd with no money but dudes have to pay for everything, you have children but think you shouldn't be 1000% cooperative as if a dude without children isn't doing you a favor, or you have kids (or a kid) and you're not even looking at dudes with children, be realistic, you should be fucking with someone who has kids already. If you don't have a lot of money you should be willing to contribute with what you have and definitely cooperate to the max. Especially if you aren't making 70% of their income. 

If you're nice, you're nice to everybody not just selectively nice to good looking Women, if you're a good woman you're a sweetheart to everyone, when you proclaim it you give off vibes opposite of what you're claiming to be. The only time you shouldn't be nice is when given a reason not to be,-SSM

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Monday, January 2, 2017

30 Black Successful Women & Their Husbands/Boyfriends/Partners

Happy New Years, folks! How are you?

Spending time on social media for the last 5 years has made me come to the conclusion that someone is always trying to tell the story of black men, and it is always done without our consent and it's always one sided, so when I saw this post on facebook, 30 Black successful men and their wives I thought to myself, where is the one about black women? Surely no one thinks it's just black dating outside of our race. You can only the guy who typed up the post in the link I provide above and at the bottom of this post, he did not have good intentions when he made it, so I decided to make a post with the same intentions he had.

30 Black successful women and their husbands #NotOnebrotha

1.) Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
2.) Serena Williams
3.) Condola Rashad
4.) Eve
5.) Mellody Hobson
6.) Blac Chyna
7.) Mariah Carey
8.) Paula Patton
9.) Halle Berry
10.) Grace Hightower De Niro
11.) Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid
12.) Tamera Mowry-Housley
13.) Whoopi Goldberg
14.) Thandi Newton
15.) Aisha Tyler
16.) Alfre Woodard
17.) Tika Sumpter
18.) Kimora Lee Simmons
19.) Stacey Dash
20.) Naomi Campbell
21.) Venus Williams
22.) Lisa Bonet Lilakoi Moon
23.) Zoe Saldana
24.) Rutina Wesley
25.) Janet Jackson
26.) Donna Summer
27.) Kira Arne
28.) Chaz Ebert 
29.) Fka Twigs
30.) Angela Howard

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Racist Twitter New Coded Racial Slurs

Via Alex Goldman's Twitter @AGoldmund

Racist Trump twitter has come up with a new coded way to share racial slurs w/ each other and avoid account suspension.